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Hamilton Wayzgoose January 22, 2014

Here in Wisconsin we have a real gem “hidden” in Two Rivers. The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type.They host a yearly gathering called a Wayzgoose and Jessica and I were lucky enough to attend this past year.

To me, a completely new experience. Something about that building… the people… the sights, sounds and smells. Something old school and something I needed. We broke out in to workshops throughout the day, learning about various things such as impression, understanding rules so you can break them, documenting your process and cutting your own wood type with a pantograph. I spent the day in awe – taking it all in. After all, I knew nothing about any of this. Listening so intently to these artists with such a passion for keeping wood type and letterpress alive. Perhaps most of all, I learned what it means to be dedicated. I learned what it means to respect a craft.

In the end it’s a clunky technology, letterpress. It’s rollers and ink – spindles and gears – metal and wood – accuracy and precision – time consuming and thought provoking – creative and destructive – it’s physical and challenging… and it’s made with your hands. A thank you goes out to the good people hosting the 2013 Wayzgoose – you reinforced within me that print is beautiful and is alive and well.

Hamilton Wayzgoose

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